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Take an Irish Carpenter from Cork and make him fall in love with furniture and design.
Add a bit of French sassiness and a dose of Australian culture.
Stir it all up and magically. Tadaaaa. Tábla was born.

Conor is a passionate designer and creator who thrives on a challenge and testing his skills to produce some amazing pieces.
It’s the story of an Irish boy relocating far far away from home and decided to stop for a while; nearly a decade in the wonderland of Oz. He learned everything about wood and how to shape it, handmade designs and how to think it, steel and how to bend it, with one goal: creating memorable and everlasting pieces.

Tábla is about combining two to become one, steel and wood, Ireland and France, Lauralice and Conor.
Tábla is telling a story about passion and love.

Oh! And Tábla can deliver your craziest desires all around Europe! So don’t forget that with Tábla the sky is the limit!

Conor & Lauralice Mc Sweeney

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